So this past week I accomplished number 7 on my 29 things to do before I turn 30 list. I am trying to get items to sell together for a craft fair in May. I also sell items at a Christmas fair at work in mid December. I think perhaps 50 wasn’t as challenging as it could have been. Maybe I should say 250 for the sale in May, and 500 for the sale in December? That sounds like a challenge. :)

“Fleurs” wooden box and white wire Letter file both from TJ Maxx.

A Birthday List…

Today I turned 29. Last year of my 20s. I thought it would be this big monumental deal. Perhaps my psyche is saving it for the big three-zero? Seriously, I had a near melt down at 25. The last couple years I haven’t had a big party or even a dinner with friends. I’ve spent the day quietly doing things that I love with the man that I cherish. This year was no different. He took me on a surprise weekend get away to a bed and breakfast. Very quaint and very fun. Check it out if you’re in the area. The website doesn’t do it justice, and this month they’re running a special.Today I ran errands, cleaned  house, watched Netflix, and made crafts. It was pretty perfect.

So over this year I’m challenging myself. Before I cross that line, and get a new digit I want to spend the time doing things that I’ve wanted to do for some time. Big things, little things, things that would make me smile when accomplished. I read about creating a birthday list here and here and I have to say I’ve been waiting for this day to make it official.

So here is my list:

1. finish a 1,000 piece puzzle
2. go to an outdoor flea market
3. use up my letter stash
4. visit Red Velvet Art shop in person
5. try something new
6. make a journal
7. get 50 cards ready for sale
8. sell at a craft fair outside of work
9. try something out of Preserve It! book I bought last summer
10. Get recipes out of my email storage and into a book
11. Bike to work
12. Get new sheets for the bed
13. update pics on walls
14. take fall photoshoot in the Park
15. start the T-shirt rug or quilt or give them up
16. transcribe Family Circle tips from the 1980s book I found
17. make a book about me (ABCs, journals, etc)
18. take a class from one of the blog ladies
19. make a Project Restyle item
20. make 5 gifts for people
21. complete the Organized Year book
22. pay off credit card and student loan line 1
23. read and record 30 books in 2011
24. keep 10 items on yardsellr
25. make lists to remember where I am
26. find a use, place, or gift photos (none lying around homeless)
27. cook all 12 dishes in eat better america calendar
28. grow more food
29. finish a knitting project

Some can be accomplished in a day or a weekend and others will take all year. Some I have to admit I added because of the sheer sense of accomplishment for scratching it off a “to do” list. :)